Do you take reservations? P&P is a reservation-free restaurant. However, it is rare to have to wait for a table due to the number of seats.

Can I make an evening reservation for a group (9+)? We’ll be happy to welcome you, please make sure the following conditions suit you :

● Monday through Saturday inclusive. Only the "Aperitif" menu is available on Monday.
● Choice of 6 p.m. or 9 p.m. service.
● You and your guests may arrive up to 1 hour before the 6 p.m. service and 30 minutes before 9 p.m. unless otherwise arranged with P&P.
● 3-course menu
● All the meals are prepaid to confirm reservation

If you are comfortable with these conditions, please write to us with the following information:

●Date and time
●If you have a departure time please indicate it too
● The number of guests
● In what name do you wish to place the reservation (own name or corporate name)
● Will the beverages and other extras on site be paid in one invoice
●The number to reach you

We thank you for your cooperation.

Can I make a reservation for a group at the brunch?
Yes, in a "family style" format. This means a fixed price of $38 per person and dishes to share.
The group must arrive at 10:00 am since the service starts at 10:30 am.

Can I make a reservation for a « cocktail dînatoire » for my group?
Yes, so oysters, charcuterie and cheese from Quebec, olives, vegetarian spreads. This offer is accessible to vegetarians and is well suited for many types of gatherings.
You can enjoy the natural light of Le Perles and our unique cocktail service while taking the time to relax with your guests.
(We also have an appetizer menu available when you privatize the entire restaurant. )
Are you interested in this option? Please write to us with the following information:
●Date and time
● Number of guests
●Standing or sitting?
● Aperitif menu or evening menu (see website)
●1 bill or individual?

Do you take groups for weddings?
Due to the repeated closures caused by Covid, we will not be committing ourselves further than 2022. We invite you to write to us with the following information:
●Date and time
●Number of people
●Have you been to the P&P before?
●Would you like to do the ceremony at the P&P or just the celebration?

Are you taking groups for the holidays?
Yes, from November to December 31, 2022. We invite you to write and mention the following details:
● Date and time
● Number of guests
●Standing or sitting?
● 1 bill or individual?
● Budget per person?

The P&P team is looking forward to celebrating with you,

For more information, contact us by email :