Adrien Thomas

Adrien Thomas obtains his diplomas for pastry and bakery in Brittany. He then leaves for Brussels to discover life in a big city.

There, he works at Charli, established in the heart of Brussels. This bakery’s set purpose is to offer quality "French" products. In three years time, André becomes more meticulous, more passionate but also more organized being in charge of the whole range of the Viennese pastries at Charli.

While reading about pastry, Adrien comes across the works of Pierre Hermé, renown French pastry chef and chocolate maker. Adrien is enthusiastic about chef Hermé’s approach to pastry which is characterized by the use of less sugar, a greater interest in fruits and the respectful use of their nature, taste and texture.

Now in Montréal, pastry chef Adrien Thomas is putting all his expertise acquired both in Belgium and Brittany to bring pleasure to the customers of P& P!