Paddy Cheang

At sixteen, Paddy Cheang receives an enviable gift from his mother: a summer trip that will take him from Québec to Europe. While visiting a Paris museum, a quote by Pablo Picasso made a great impression on him:

  • "Every child is an artist
  • The problem is how to remain
  • an artist once you grow up."

The quote becomes something of a guideline in Paddy’s life. During a number of years, travelling is an important mean of his apprenticeship. At one point, he leaves Québec after work experiences at the restaurants Au pied de cochon and Toqué! and goes to Tokyo. There, Paddy will learn all that has to be known about being a chef during five years under the teachings of chef Shinya Maeda. Next, after staying a few years in Hong Kong, Paddy returns to Québec with a family of his own to the delight of his mother. Chef Paddy Cheang is back home where he intends to keep alive the artist in him!