The Mission

Tasty craft beers, brewed with love in Québec, are served with the same care at Perles et Paddock. At P&P, the range of cask ales is designed to please diners looking for a cool, classic, funky or more comforting beer. P&P presents these beers in optimal conditions, so that each one releases its full flavor.

Perles et Paddock has chosen to offer a single format for the service of beer, a cup. This will allow you to experiment with different beers, while enjoying your beer at the perfect temperature. There are infused beers and at a moderate alcohol level. The selection combines innovative products and classic flavors to satisfy everyone's tastes.

You will find both, products freshly concocted by microbreweries, as well as more mature classics of the industry. This is the essence of P&P ‘s commitment to fans who share its enthusiasm for this nectar!

3 temperatures of service

At P&P, the beers are offered at temperatures that optimize the aromatic expression, according to their specific styles (4, 8 and 12 ˚C). This choice allows beers to reveal their full potential: by gaining temperature, aromas intensify. This attention is a mark of respect for the hard work of the brewers represented by Perles et Paddock.